Askiy Apoy Hauling is committed to a safe working environment within our company and on job sites. Safety is a part of our everyday work procedures that protects our drivers, office staff, shop staff, clients, property, the environment and the public.

Unsafe work procedures could result in injury or death as well as the physical weight of lost time and medical attention. By practicing safety on the job, we ultimately protect our families from the financial and emotional hardships that are associated with accidents or injury.

Askiy Apoy Hauling will recognize all levels of staff for promoting safety on and off the job. Anyone who knowingly violates our safety rules or government regulations will face disciplinary action and possibly loss of employment.

As an operating company, we have a legal obligation to follow all government regulations that pertain to our work. Askiy Apoy Hauling will continue to use and enforce our safety program, even when on the property of companies who do not enforce a safety program. When an unsafe condition exists, it is the employee's right to refuse to work until such time as the unsafe condition is resolved. Employees are responsible for complying with all company safety rules and regulations. All levels of staff are equally responsible for the implementation of our program.

The working conditions around us are constantly changing, and as a result our safety program will change as required to meet the needs of our industry. By implementing common sense with an ongoing safety program, we will fulfill our obligation of becoming an accident free workplace.