Askiy Apoy Hauling LP has the fundamental focus on company building principles to achieve the recognition of being the contractor of choice within the fluid hauling industry. These are:


Askiy Apoy's most important asset, our employees. By ensuring that, a) all personnel are provided with company health and safety programming requirements consistent with the National Safety Code, b) providing a nurturing vision to enhance the knowledge of those performing work on behalf of the company via continual training, and c) promoting a culture that values diversity and commitment to teamwork.


The recognition of the land that we work on today must have minimal footprints for future generations. By making certain that our company respects the natural resources and integrating with environmental initiatives at all times.

General Public

To respect the rights and expectations of the general public by ensuring that our equipment is in textbook condition, to hold in high regard, the belief that everyone should have a safe journey, and to provide support for the communities in which Askiy Apoy Hauling LP conducts business in.

It is with these principles that the commitment to our excellence will be clearly evident to all our employees, customers, and the general public in the present and future.

Andrew Cardinal
General Manager

Jeff Ross
Business Development Corp.

Corporate Philosophy

★ The health and safety of employees and protection of the environment are of upmost importance in the conduct of our business.

★ Management is responsible and accountable for providing a safe working environment and for ensuring that work is performed to accepted standards.

★ All employees must comply with our health and safety policies and follow established rules, safe work practices and job procedures at all times.

★ Employees must comply with all Provincial and Federal Regulations designed to protect and maintain a healthy, natural environment.

★  At Askiy Apoy Hauling we believe that all risks can be controlled or avoided.

★ Each employee is responsible for working safely and for working with an equal concern for the safety of his or her fellow co-workers.

★ Safety excellence will be achieved through the support and active participation of everyone.

Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility!